Welcome to the Bright Tomorrow™ Understanding ADHD website. This site contains resources related to our Understanding ADHD series of media designed to help parents and educators better understand Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Diagnosis and Treatment, the first in the series, is an introduction to ADHD, its diagnosis, initial treatment, and ongoing management. The highly engaging, dramatization is 32 minutes in length and follows a family through their worries about their son and his behavior at home and in the classroom, their initial and followup interviews with their pediatrician, and their participation in the diagnostic and treatment process.

The narrator and experts explain the steps involved in diagnosis and treatment and provide additional information. This introductory video also introduces two practices that have been found to be especially worthwhile in treating ADHD but that haven't been widely implemented: Titration Trials and Ongoing Monitoring. With this information in hand, parents may better work with their health care provider to ensure accurate and effective diagnosis and treatment. This is a must have introductory tape for parents and other care providers who suspect their child may be affected by ADHD.

An easy-to-understand 10-page guidebook summarizes the main points of the video and introduces new information about educational, medical, and psychological/behavioral strategies for supporting children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. These include background information on statutorily mandated educational accomodations, such as those available to children under IDEA and Section 504, as well as best practices such as the Daily Report Card.